Small Business Ideas That Require Low Overhead

For some people who want to establish small businesses, money is no object. They can afford to buy the equipment necessary to get the business up and running. For other people, though, start-up costs are prohibitive. If you are considering establishing a small business, you should consider what funds you have available before you decide exactly what type of business is right for you.

As noted above, some small businesses require very little in terms of overhead costs. Several such businesses are listed below:

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o Writer - if you enjoy writing and have a computer, you can get started right away without any overhead costs. The internet makes it possible to market your services without paying postage for mailing marketing materials.

o Estate sale facilitator - if you advertise your services as an estate sale facilitator via word of mouth, you can limit your start-up costs to tags for the items, pens, and a cashbox. At the end of the sale, you can retain a pre-agreed upon portion of the gross sales as your profit.

o Painter - after you invest in the relatively low costs associated with paint brushes, rollers, and a ladder, you can advertise your services by making copies of a flier and posting them in your neighborhood.

o Cleaning - if you love to clean, you can get started with your cleaning business sooner than you think. The investment is minimal: cleaning products. You can ask your first customers to help you grow your business by telling others about you.

o Dog walker - there are no start-up costs associated with this business. Just post a flier and spread the word.

Small Business Ideas That Require Low Overhead

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