Strategic Self Management - Motivation 1 - Recession 0

Throughout history, man has been studying motivational training but to date motivation is still a very complex and misunderstood word. We easily go from an energy state of high motivation to spiraling into a total realm of negativity just based upon the information we receive, whether it is verbal or non-verbal. We can be highly charged and energized one minute and feel flat and deflated the next by this outside stimuli. For example sending out our resumes searching for a job we feel we are perfectly fit to accomplish but upon hearing a negative response or no response we can easily fall into the psychological state of panic.

We can develop thoughts of worry (What if I can't get a job? What if nobody hires me?). We can develop the fear of the unknown (How will I pay my mortgage? How will I care for my children?). Loss of motivation based upon an outside event triggering our raw emotions thus interfering in our ability to move forward.

\"business Ideas\"

Perhaps we have a great business idea only to find looks of disbelief by family and friends who have underrated our talents, skills, and abilities immediately throwing us back into the state of uncertainty and feelings of inadequacies from the discouragement of lack of support. Either way easily influenced by society making it particularly difficult to maintain our self-motivation. Each of us must determine our own level of motivation based upon previous life conditioning and experiences in order for us to remain in control. For this reason alone, we must look inside for what we want for our true selves.

"Know thyself" the Greek Philosophy and "to thine own self be true" are statements that have been around for centuries and are powerful in assisting in reminding us to identify what inner form of spirit we could rely on to develop our life long goals. It is evident nobody can do the work for you so determining your inner yearning is of utmost importance! After all, it is your life, your thoughts, your motive, your reason.

Forms of motivation include working for pay raises, building dream homes, raising a healthy family, working for the good of humankind, investment, self-employment, higher learning, respect, integrity, credibility. The list and reasons for why we do things is endless and requires deep internal processing by each of us in order for us to sustain our drive of personal action.

During the trying times it is critical we protect ourselves from the onslaught of negativity. We must instead force ourselves to focus on identifying what we want, why we want it and what we need to do in order to get there as this is the difference between whether we will increase our energy towards the accomplishment of our deepest desires or not. This is the critical key. It is our desires not others.

The good news is self-motivation is clearly that. It is the self. It is you. It is your thought energy. The only true power you hold in this world is by your thoughts. You are the provider of your perception. It is your responsibility to provide action towards your goals from the motive of reason determined by you. It is your motive for action, which will drive and sustain you through the difficult times in your life. Motivation is merely your thought energy, your reason for being which in turn shifts into physical action.

So how do you self-motivate in times of recession? How do you go on with your dreams and your life when your home is about to be for-closed on, or you find yourself lacking in a job, perhaps your spouse has left or any other major life altering event due to the recession? How do you cope with the additional burden of job responsibility with the cutbacks and having to do two jobs in place of one?

First, you have to come to terms with how you feel about what is occurring. You have to allow your emotions to go through the cycle of healing. If you do not take this vital time at some point later you will find what you suppressed will be expressed in the least opportune time. Go ahead and feel bad now. Try not to struggle with it just feel your emotions.

Take the necessary time to deal with these sentiments. It is okay to be angry, disappointed, scared, depressed, numb, anxious, worried, fearful, or any other emotion you are feeling. It should tell you, you are alive! Give yourself all the time you need to sort through your challenges. The important part is that you work through the emotions yourself so that you come to terms with it and come out with a clearer understanding as to what you really want.

Be vigilant of your surroundings to prevent from being, unduly influenced by others for when we are at a low emotional state, we are at a very high level of sensitivity for influence. We must take care that the choices we make in our lives are truly ours and not for the satisfaction or gratification of others.

Another critical key is to separate yourself from others viewpoints while identifying new strategies for your future. Redefining your own motivation based upon your own individuality. At this stage, if you rely too heavily on the influence of others, you run the risk of living your life as others would see for you instead of living the life pre-determined by you.

Try taking long walks, meditating, or simply sitting with your worries and staring into space. Silence will help you to identify what is truly important to you in your life. It will help you to clear some of the ghosts, which no longer work for you. Sit as quiet as you can until you start to hear the strength of your own internal voice guiding you in a more positive direction.

What you will experience is your real self. You will hear your own words telling you what you really want in your life. Take care to be gentle with yourself and allow yourself the opportunity to explore these ideas. Go ahead and write down anything you feel has value to you. You will soon see a pattern begin to emerge.

Soon you will find one of your ideas will create a spark of excitement in the form of renewed energy within you. Follow this idea and learn as much as you can. Do everything humanly possible to learn everything you can about it. By doing this you are fueling the embers of a fire stirring deep within and suddenly you know what you have to do and why you are doing it.

Once this has occurred you are ready to kick yourself in the butt and start back into life. You will find your focus will attract to you everything you need to accomplish your vision.

I have personally found it extremely helpful to start an exercise program at this point. I find exercise helps to strengthen against attacks of negativity, which can greatly drain the young fresh spiritual ideas you are developing. By implementing a solid exercise program into your life, you increase oxygen to your brain allowing for increased focus, concentration, and stamina for your new founded ideas to take shape.

Add to it vitamins and a nutritional program and you are now ready to run 24/7 inspired with high energy and ready to realize your new dreams. As you take your life back into control, you feel a powerhouse of energy develop within you. This is motivation!

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Good luck and may all your hopes, dreams and wishes be turned into motives for action.

Strategic Self Management - Motivation 1 - Recession 0

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